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As per an estimate from the WHO, over 820 million people across the globe are suffering from hunger. At King Rox, we want to do our bit and give back to society by helping combat hunger and poverty. Every time you donate via King Rox, you are supporting our various initiatives as part of Food Support, including:

  • Providing food packages to the most vulnerable populations across the globe- including old, disabled, orphans, and the homeless.

  • We also provide food packages to relief camps set up as part of the efforts of local NGOs in various countries.

  • Various food banks that have been set up as part of battling the Coronavirus also see regular support and donations from King Rox.

  • We are also working on providing food to hospitals and Covid care centers for their patients and staff.

King Rox always seeks new initiatives that it can support. With every donation that you make via King Rox, you are helping the world become a better place.